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Steel industry "Thirteen-Five" in "near and short term" upgrade

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"Today's excess manufacturing capacity in the steel industry, business profit or loss is inevitable. After industry overcapacity, relying on technological progress and innovation and adjustment of product mix, improve product quality, take the road of boutique development is inevitable. Specifically, steel companies need to innovate business models, management models, cost management and increase new product development efforts, and so on. "2016 steel pipe industry development and application in the recently held a Conference, Shanghai steel tube Association Sun Yongxi, Director of the Committee of experts on the steel industry and steel transformation and upgrading of enterprises made the remarks.
Besides the short term and healthy development of peer
2015, China's steel output was 98.27 million tons, an increase of 11%, China's steel production accounted for 58.5% of steel production in the world. Among them, the 2015 global seamless steel tube production of 41.44 million tons, down 14.6%, China's seamless steel tube production of 28.58 million tons, down 9%, yields the world 69% of seamless steel tube production. 2015 global steel production to 126.7 million tons, an increase of 6%, China's production for the 69.7 million tons, an increase of 21%, Chinese steel production has 55% per cent of world steel production. "In the field of welded steel pipe, accounted for an ordinary pipe production 80% in China, low-end products still dominate China's steel consumption market. "Sun Yongxi said. According to incomplete statistics, China's steel business was about 3,000, the overall capacity of 120 million tons. Nearly 3 years, seamless steel pipe production decreased, increasing capacity of welded steel pipe.
"Longitudinal submerged arc welded pipe capacity utilization was approximately 53%, capacity utilization of about 54% for spiral submerged arc welded pipe, longitudinally electric resistance welded pipe capacity utilization was approximately 72%. These three types of welded pipe production capacity utilization is low, and most pipe Enterprise capital chain tension. "Sun Yongxi believes that China's steel industry product glut. 610 high-frequency straight seam welded pipe have formed 20 production lines, JCOE has formed 32 production lines for longitudinal submerged arc welded pipe, spiral pipe method have formed 9 production lines.
Two-step spiral tube units 30 units in the world. At present, the spiral tube two-step has been completed and put into operation in China's enterprises around the world one-third. Compared to two-step and one-step process for spiral welded pipe, with high production efficiency and product quality advantages. In accordance with financial input-output weight estimation and two-step equipment total cost total cost is one step of 5 times ~6 times, increased capacity 3 times ~4 times, operating costs will remain high. "Due to the large scale of investment, its high production costs and factory break-even point, no output of the denominator, the cost does not fall at all. This type of enterprise, especially the manufacturers of equipment imports, once a two-step operation, will be in trouble. "Sun Yongxi also points out the tangle of spiral tube method.
Total capacity of more than 80 million tons of welded pipe in China, 2015 in real terms for the 69.7 million tons, reached peak production platform. Pipe production will drop into channels in the future, will remain at the average of 60 million tons, of which export reached 10% levels. In addition, China has more than 30 more than the world's advanced level of continuous rolling production line, its products are positioned in the OCTG, boiler tubes, pipelines and other high-end products. At present, the world total consumption of OCTG is approximately 14.5 million tons each year, actual consumption of OCTG is approximately 3.5 million ~400 million tons, export of oil-well tubing about 2.5 million tons, and processing capacity of more than 10 million tons of oil well pipes.
Nearly 3 years, seamless tube industry guantingbingzhuan is bigger, down 8% is expected in 2016, would remain at 23 million tonnes ultimate seamless ~2500 tons. "So the trend of seamless tube industry in a healthy and orderly. "Sun Yongxi said. Economists believe that 800 million tons of crude steel production is the break-even point in the steel industry. By this calculation, 85 million tons of output is the break-even point of the steel pipe industry in our country.
Transformation and upgrading strategic path
"Investment capacity, greater capacity, lower product prices, lower corporate profits, and this is the reason why diminishing marginal returns of investment and business difficulties. In capacity and in the process of deleveraging, steel company's first task is to survive. "Sun Yongxi believe that deleveraging and the capacity of the process can be quite lengthy, so steel enterprises should be fully prepared. In addition, steel enterprises under the new normal, formulate a development strategy of transformation and upgrading, find the path to survival.
Sun Yongxi, for example, Shanghai Shenhua steel pipes focused on hold the railing of the bridge-building, high-strength low-carbon steel (fence only)-Tech has applied to the national priorities project. Square steel tube located in the raw water supply project in Shanghai, the company is fully equipped with the water system provides construction, maintenance, one-time processing pipe fittings, pipe repair services, for 5 years, the company had derived substantial benefits. "These are ordinary pipe products, they grow up in their areas of expertise, and customers with the appropriate scale, did almost no competitors. "Sun Yongxi believes that a truly successful business development strategy is to get rid of the competition. On the premise of ordinary products to achieve the ultimate, must consider the transformation and upgrading of product and technology development. For example, open up the welded pipe products in nuclear power, deep sea oil and gas, slurry transport, Power Tower, platform and other marketing applications in the field of, expand the pipeline forward and backward integration process and manufacturing, new energy and new materials industries of the processing chain; independent innovation, speeding up development of new products, meet the needs of users. According to industry requirements for welded pipe products and raw materials, development of high strength and high toughness, fatigue resistance, corrosion resistance, high accuracy, reduction and other personalized products.
Sun Yongxi, transformation and upgrading of development strategies, including product differentiation strategies, quality improvement strategies and systems service provider strategy. It is not necessary to expand the scale of transformation and upgrading, explore new areas, according to changes in the market, constantly adjust product mix, improve product quality, these are the results of the transformation and upgrading. Specific to the steel industry, Sun Yongxi the 4 directions.
Is doing fine steel welded pipes or oil and gas transmission pipe. Establish strategic alliance to introduce strategic investors with the users, investment in technology development and reserves, and establish strategic alliances with upstream businesses and research and development departments. Second is the development of new pipeline (stainless steel composite pipe, high strength of longitudinal submerged arc welded pipe, high pressure main steam pipe in power plant, construction machinery and other). Established regional market position, through quality improvement, system services to increase the centralization and control of regional markets, particularly with respect to potential for future urbanization development of relatively large areas. Third, the development of high-tech products, set up research and development centers. Four is to change the structure of marketing organizations, smaller combat units. Sales from the market (oil field, project, technical innovation, etc) back to the product listings, providing senior management decision-making, implementing product development prototyping, terms formed combining development mechanisms.
For steel enterprise transformation and upgrade, Sun Yongxi made 6 points. Know pipe characteristic of traditional manufacturing industries and new needs, new market and market segments, the transformation and upgrading of the whole. Second, accumulated through the steel tube technology, talent and ability development, technological innovation, industrial transformation and upgrading of the whole. Third, steel pipe manufacturing production inputs and extension of services, enhance the added value and achieve transformation and upgrading. Four is to reduce investment and consumption, improving environmental standards and added value, realize the transformation and upgrading. Five is the use of strategic alliances and corporate linkage of "clever pig game" effect, realize the transformation and upgrading of steel enterprises in the industrial cluster as a whole. Six is the acquisition of OBM brand, access to strategic assets, achieve steel enterprises across upgrades.
How to deepen the steel pipe industry-specific technology, Sun Yongxi believes that can focus on a specific technology, supported by one or more of the technologies developed a wide range of products focused on patents, deepen the technical value, and product upgrades; focus on brands and branding, developing products and integration of industry chain; focusing on environmental protection and sustainable development concepts, sustainable innovation, beyond the competition.
"To realize the combination of Government and corporate power to form a ' Government + Enterprise ' to deal with the situation of individual competition on a free market enterprise. "Sun Yongxi said business relations with the Government, must be" love marriage "of the heat. Enterprises need to consciously adapted to the Government a series of industry support and "structural adjustment, promote transformation" requirement.
"Merger and restructuring can be achieved completely. "Steel companies tend to lack in the accumulation of capital, markets and technology, low management culture, limited capacity of response to the crisis. Equity reform is not in place, usually the pursuit of absolute, stock ownership structure of, which is not standard, reflecting the sensitivity, it is difficult to deal with complex market environment, vulnerability to external environment changes again and again and making mistakes. At this time, release equity release is risk. Release ownership of private enterprises, small is big, often beats full of vitality, proactive initiatives by steel pipe enterprise of shareholding system reform, focused on exploring the integration of capital, technology and other factors. Excellent enterprises through mergers and increased market concentration, get some pricing power to improve its profit margins, operating conditions for the better. Steel enterprises through mergers and restructuring to improve its technical content, and expand market share.
"Overcapacity and industrial upgrading are all manufacturing countries face common challenges. The next 5 years in the transfer of excess digestive gas line pipe capacity, constructive new projects on the stick to stop approving welded pipe production or limited production; external adhere to international transfer capacity. "Sun Yongxi believes that China's steel enterprises in the implementation of" going out "strategy in the process, which can take the low road and taking the high road. Low road through marginal industry shifting to the developing countries, to access to resources, reasonable tax, excess production capacity and the transfer of carbon emissions. Proliferation of high-end road through the advantage to America and European countries, access to technology, sales network, to avoid "double reverse" and sovereign wealth and increase their value.
This round of "capacity" will affect a lot of steel tubes for most small and medium enterprises, but it is the requirement of industry trends. Have to make homeopathy, transformation and upgrade, otherwise it will be rejected in the market. So, pipe enterprise should in professional, and fine of, and features of, and novel of guideline Xia, caught this 3 years ~5 years opportunities period, innovation enterprise of commercial mode, relies on industry based, and information, and capital, and talent, resources advantage, to high-tech content, and high added value for features, focused subdivision market, firm target, hard skills, do fine do excellent, will will burst out strong of vitality and lasting force.

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