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On the transmission and distribution in China, copper and copper alloy material for high-speed rail market

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Copper and copper alloy material is the earliest human use of metal, due to its excellent physical properties and properties which have been widely used in electric power, electronics, telecommunications, rail transportation, chemicals, light industrial, instrumentation, and computers, hardware, machinery manufacturing, construction, and military and other fields. Copper process products according to their shapes can be divided into the pipe, plate and strip (copper-containing), bars, wire and foil. Among them, the production of copper wire rod had the largest share, followed by copper strip, copper pipe and copper bars, copper materials amounting to the minimum. From a development perspective, copper foil material's fastest, with an average annual growth rate reached 34%, but its size is still small, the growth rate of other sectors roughly flat, average is about 12%.

Copper and copper alloy widely used materials in the field of engineering and technology is the fundamental characteristic of, a conductive material they are more economical and practical. Copper has a high electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, after silver, suitable for the strength, excellent corrosion resistance, ease of welding deformation processing, extensively used to manufacture electrical wire and conductors. Simultaneously with the improvement of people's living standards, increasing civilian loads, the power industry is a growing trend, as configured in the international standard wire diameter of residents of building code issued for copper and copper alloys in the power sector to provide a broad development prospect. Is another feature of copper and copper alloys, alloying characteristics of the excellent, and the overwhelming majority of metal or non-metals form different alloy, has formed over more than 250 alloy, nearly all types of products, meet the needs of businesses. With the development of modern science and technology, new alloys for high-tech areas have emerged, represents the direction of development of contemporary engineering material, has a bright future. Briefly below the copper busbars and brass parts and high-conductivity copper alloys contact materials, two market prospect of copper and copper alloy materials for market conditions.

Domestic transmission and distribution industry in the copper bus bars

And copper components market

Copper and the copper alloy bus (following referred to "copper bus") also called copper row or copper mother row, is refers to in power system in the up with collection, and distribution and transfer power role of copper quality total wire, usually for by copper or copper alloy material making of long conductor, main in electrical equipment in the up conveying power and connection electrical equipment of role, is a big current conductive products, electrical copper row has resistance rate low, and can folding camber big, advantages, applies Yu high low voltage electrical, and switch touch head, and distribution equipment, and bus slot, electrical engineering, Is also widely used for smelting metals, electrochemical plating smelting works, chemicals such as ultra high current electrolysis of caustic soda.

From the industry point of view, copper Busbar production enterprises in China is located in the middle reaches of the chain, the production of copper bus-bar products are mainly for intermediate products, copper bus-bar end users usually need to copper bus-bar shape for further processing of the product, so most copper bus-bar products are made to facilitate the processing of rectangular cross section or chamfered (rounded) rectangular Strip body. But part of the processing ability of copper bus manufacturer to one of its customers to customize their special shape copper bus bar, because shape is different from ordinary bus products, such copper bus-bar called "shaped copper bus bars" or "shaped copper".

Copper bus and the copper quality parts products main was application Yu various lost, and distribution and the grid equipment, as switch cabinet, and bus slot, and circuit breaker device, high low voltage electrical facilities, second is for motor, power facilities, for making motor winding coil (copper bus) and high low voltage electrical switch touch head (shaped row) and for distribution installation connection wire (copper row), related power electrical products. Along with the development of the national economy, the pace at which power, motors, electrical products, technological innovation, for copper and copper alloy material electro-mechanical properties and surface quality are also put forward higher requirements. Foreign countries such as Japan and other developed countries are made of high conductivity high extends new copper to make the motor windings and high and low voltage electrical switch contacts. Social demand for electricity increased rail traffic construction speed up, increase in construction of high-rise buildings, which will continue to increase demand for copper bus bar. The "Twelve-Five" period, the scale of national investment in electric power industry reached 5.3 trillion yuan, including grid investment reached 2.55 trillion yuan, accounting for a total investment of 48%.

According to the Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences Institute of mineral resources research, China's copper consumption demand in 2025 will continue to maintain the steady growth trend is expected by the year 2020 China will reach about 16 million tons of annual copper consumption. According to Shanghai material Academy of Sciences of statistics, 2014 China copper bus products of market capacity about for 1.4 million tons, accounted for when China annual copper consumption of proportion about for 12%, by this proportion projections, is expected to to 2020 Shi China copper bus market of General capacity will reached about 2 million tons, which new copper bus and the copper business parts about accounted for copper bus capacity of 15%, so new copper bus and the copper business parts market capacity about for 300,000 tons, future market needs General will continued stable development.

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