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Development and application situation of Chinese aluminum production scanning

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Recently, the Ministry convened civil aircraft aluminium upstream and downstream cooperation mechanisms working meeting for the first time, emphasized the promote aviation aluminum fully independent supply. As the Chinese C919 large aircraft final assembly line for the year, as well as promote accelerated regional aircraft ARJ21, China's demand for aviation aluminum will enter a period of rapid growth, the aviation industry and for the aluminum industry, both new opportunities and new challenges.

Copper is based on pure aluminum and aluminum alloys, Silicon, magnesium, zinc, manganese and other alloying element synthesis for a class of high-performance non-ferrous materials, widely used in aviation, aerospace, weapons, nuclear, high speed trains and other fields, among them, especially widely used aluminum alloys in aviation, as the "Centennial aviation, century aluminum." Aluminum alloy as constituted one of the aircraft's main body material, has a very important position in aviation manufacturing.

The rapid development of aviation aluminum

In 2011, the first national projects such as large aircraft aluminum alloy thick-plate production line in SwA completed and put into production, which became the United States, and Japan, and Germany and Russia zhihou, a country can achieve large-scale production of aluminum alloy thick-plate. This production line put into operation, realize the dream of generations of aluminium processing people, further enhancing the overall development level of China's aluminum processing industry, China's national defense and aerospace industry needed protection of aluminum alloy material, helping push the construction of large aircraft in China, has an extremely important significance.

Heavy plate production line put into operation only first step in development of aircraft aluminum. Aluminium production continue to enhance independent innovation capacity-building, breaking through the key technical, solved a series of key technical problems, develop a large market need, representatives of international and domestic advanced level, filling the domestic blank of new products and technologies, forming a series of scientific and technological achievements with independent intellectual property rights, for the aerospace, defense and state key construction projects provides high quality aluminum.

In recent years, China aluminum processing enterprises will continue enhancing foreign exchange research, Boeing, Airbus, SAFRAN company, Bombardier and other well-known aviation manufacturers to cooperate to further improve the level of aviation aluminum processing. "Aluminum design and processing technology to a certain extent determines a country's level of development of the aerospace industry. Aluminum for use in aircraft typically require high performance, long production process, existing management model has been difficult to adapt to aviation users for product and process quality control and meticulous requirements. And, due to localization of advanced aeronautical materials products are at an early stage, compared with foreign advanced aluminum processing enterprise, our competitiveness is an indisputable fact. "SwA chief engineer Li Yong said.

Aviation products are usually ordered variety, few in number and production group difficulties, product yield, stability problems, seriously affecting the customer use the enthusiasm of domestic aviation materials. To enhance the need alloy materials for aviation support capability, in the field of aviation to seize, it must establish an independent system of innovative materials, systems and equipment technology, targeted to solve problems in materials research and development to further enhance the level of research and development of new materials.

Successful development of large arc-shaped die forgings is a successful example of China's independent innovation. The forging is key to die forgings for aircraft, the thickness of thin, radian, easy deformation, very high standards for die forging, is a high tech, high value added products, has been unable to produce in China. For breakthrough this a technology through, Southwest aluminum established specifically of research group, bold implementation technology innovation, through take making dedicated tool, and update optimization production process, measures, success solution has super equipment capacity of die forged forming technology, and special large arc die forging size control technology, and special large die forging to stress technology, series problem, refresh has China die forging production history Shang most long, and most heavy, and projection area maximum of history records, fill has domestic blank.

Civil aircraft aluminum alloy application

From the statistical analysis of relevant information, major civil aircraft in the world today, aluminum consumption over 70%, one of the most widely used is of Al-Cu alloy (2xxx) and Al-Zn-mg alloys (7xxx) series, mainly for aircraft skin, box beams, wall plates, fuel tanks, and so on. Composite materials are able to significantly reduce the weight of aircraft, but the cost is expensive, bad maintenance difficult, hot and humid, and aluminum in many years have sufficient practical experience in the application of, its performance characteristics have been fully validated. From the whole industrial life cycle, complex materials in terms of quality, cost, environmental protection may not be able to maintain our competitive edge, on whether to further extend the use of composites in Europe and America also expressed reservations on the scope, it provides a good chance for the development of aluminum, timely introduction of new aluminum is particularly important to adapt to the new requirements.

As traditional aluminum alloys using proportional decline, new aluminum-lithium alloy is gradually increasing. For aluminum, lithium is to reduce density and increasing stiffness of the best elements. Airbus A350 innovative manufactured using aluminium-lithium alloy fuselage structure and floor, reached a body weight 22%; A380 fuselage, floor beams, wing edge that uses the aluminum-lithium alloy Bombardier c-series aircraft, advanced aluminium-lithium alloy components are 20% per cent of total aircraft materials; Multi-purpose EH101 helicopter uses a lot of Al-Li alloys. At home, the C919 large aircraft fuselage straight segments, was first used in civil aircraft production of aluminum-lithium alloys.

As the aircraft speed, life, green environmental protection requirements on the rise, aviation industry will need more than strength, high stiffness, high tenacity, high heat resistance, high fatigue life, high corrosion resistance and high damage tolerance and easy processing of new type alloy material. Future aluminum material development must in original of based Shang constantly improved, reduced production cost, improve can forming sex and using performance, accelerated development high purity, and high uniform degrees, and Super refinement of aluminum, low within stress aluminum material thick Board, and improve thick Board of overall manufacturing capacity, upgrade aluminum material cutting sex and grinding sex, limitation forming and the Super plastic forming of process adaptability, can welding sex, development can fast for laser fast near/NET forming of aluminum powder, research new aluminum material heat treatment technology, is aluminum material and the manufacturing technology research, and Development of the difficulties and priorities.

Synergy WINS future

"The production of large commercial aircraft, for aviation aluminum autonomous supply manufacture 2025, China is implementing the strategy, making the strategic choice of China's new high-end manufacturing advantages. "September 2015, the Ministry in Shanghai organized civil aircraft aluminium upstream and downstream cooperation mechanism: first working to encourage civil aircraft development, production of aluminum and will actively coordinate on difficult problems to solve and reflect. For the aviation industry and the aluminum industry, is undoubtedly a big good news is an important guide future development of the industry.

Future, as aerospace aluminum material with high strength and high toughness, resistance to injury, fatigue, low density, can be welded, low anisotropy, good thermal stability, direction and pace of domestic demand for aluminum will keep up with the new aluminum alloy materials, go hand in hand together, promoting "manufacturing power" to "strong".

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